Blonde Mini Diffuser

Blonde Mini Diffuser

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Blondie Mini”- Our smallest but mightiest in-home diffuser.  We have revamped this unit to be as powerful as the Blondie Pro but easier to hide in your home. The coverage range is up to 2,000 sq. ft. This sleek unit can be hidden behind a plant, basket, or any other home decor item you choose. If you have a large home we suggest starting off with one, but if you want to cover more area you can always add another.

This is our personal favorite and what we use in our homes.  Unlike many other smaller units that only diffuse up to 600 sq. ft. this has the same mechanics as our commercial diffuser.  It holds a smaller amount of oil due to its compact size but throws a big punch. That is why we suggest putting this unit in an easy-access spot to be able to refill your oil as needed.


You will receive a sample pack of our signature scents. These are small sample vials that allow you to smell each diffusing oil we have available for purchase so you can try a new scent on your next order or change up your subscription monthly. Have fun with it and change your scents each season. 



 Cost break down of diffusing oil:

On average most people run their diffuser from 9 am-11 pm.  If you lit a candle and allowed it to burn from 9 am-11 pm it would last you 3 days.  The amount of oil added to a candle is much smaller in volume.  13 candles can be made with one of our bottles of oils.  Now take 13 candles at $38 each and you will end up spending $494 per month to scent your home daily with candles. Our aroma diffusers are meant to keep your home smelling amazing at a fraction of the cost.  We do suggest pairing our diffusers with a Thomas Blonde candle for the maximum scent load in your home and an overall ambiance you can only get from a lit candle. On average you will spend .20 cents per hour to diffuse our oil in your home.